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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Aerobic and Anaerobic Growth

Reference Material - Nester et al. Microbiology: A Human Perspective, 4th edition, 2004

Aerobic - In the presece of air.
Anaerobic - In the absence of air.
Agar deep - A test tube with agar filled near the top.

The appearance of aerobic and anaerobic growth in shake tubes in solidified agar appear differently.
In an Obligate aerobe, there is only surface growth above the agar, thus, needing air in order to grow.
In a Strict anaerobe, there is growth only at the bottom of the agar and no surface growth. These organisms do not need air in order to grow.
In a Facultative anaerobe tube, there is both surface growth and growth at the bottom of the agar. These organisms do not have air requirements and can grow with or without oxygen.

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